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Frequently Asked

Does WorkCoach carry professional liability insurance?

Some of our coaches do, but not all. If you request it, your coach will gladly email you their Evidence of Insurance documentation.

Why haven't I received the report I was supposed to get in my inbox?

In certain situations, it might just take a moment for the report to arrive in your inbox. If it doesn't appear in 30 minutes and you've already checked your junk folder, open a support ticket and we'll work with you to figure out the problem.

Why can't I connect to the app?

To start, we recommend you check the status indicator at the bottom of our website. If the indicator is still green (meaning our servers aren't down) it might be a connectivity problem on your end. If it persists, contact us and we'll walk you through a few possible solutions.

What if unforeseen circumstances force me to quit WorkCoach?

Hopefully that doesn't occur, but if it does contact a member of our support team and describe the nature of your situation. Depending on the circumstances, partial (or even full) refunds are sometimes available but that's at the discretion of our support team.

I've contacted my coach twice without getting a response, what should I do?

Open a support ticket and we will immediately address the issue. Each of our coaches is a vetted professional who clearly understands the expectations of our service. If they aren't being responsive, we'll quickly set you up with a new coach. Note that in the two previous cases this has occurred, we issued refunds as well but we reserve the right to evaluate that on a case-by-case basis.

Why isn't my password working?

If you're locked out of your account for any reason just open a support ticket. On the off chance we can't get it unlocked, we'll simply set you up with a new account.

How are coaches matched with participants? Can I change coaches?

As of late-2016, we use a proprietary matching algorithm to ensure an optimal coach-to-client fit. And yes, requests to change coaches are very unusual but are typically able to be accommodated.

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