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With our web-based coaching, you can get the same competitive advantage as a high-profile decision-maker or entrepreneur — and for a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching. Start developing valuable negotiation, communication, decision-making, and interpersonal skills in the privacy of your own home with a best-in-class coach today.

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With our online platform, you get access to 1-on-1 world-class coaching — anytime, anywhere. Start training with experienced coaches and leaders from a variety of backgrounds ranging from technology and finance to psychiatry and military intelligence.

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Identify Growth Opportunities

Recognize your blindspots and potential problem areas. Create strategies and habits to better manage those weaknesses.

Improve Decision-Making

Analyze your planning and decision-making processes step-by-step to identify biases and distortions. Develop heuristics and structures to better organize your thinking.

Build Strong Habits

Identify and implement behavioral patterns to maximize your effectiveness in the long-term.

Motivate and Influence Others

Recognize intrinsic motivations and values in yourself and others. Successfully communicate and influence people using that information.

Ask Better Questions

Acquire new critical thinking tools to better analyze ideas, generate alternative perspectives, and uncover assumptions.

Manage Interpersonal Relationships

Navigate difficult conversations and challenging negotiations with confidence. Build valuable mediation and conflict resolution skills.

  • The 'executive' moniker threw me off at first. [...] Basically you develop the set of competencies required to excel in any complex or competitive field. [WorkCoach] is relevant to anyone doing meaningful work. 

    Testimony image Daniel Ward, Attorney, HFC
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Discover The Science Behind Our Proprietary Methodology

Over the last few decades, pioneering research by scientists like Shalom Schwartz, Lew Goldberg, and Timothy Wilson has transformed the way scholars think about human behavior. Our team drew on thousands of such publications in creating WorkCoach — some of which we've made publicly available in our library of peer-reviewed journal articles.

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Why Professionals Prefer WorkCoach

Whether your job doesn't provide meaningful training or you just want more from your career, WorkCoach can help.

Flexible Engagements

Using our platform, you can communicate with your coach when it's convenient for you — anywhere, anytime. That means your coach is always with you, even between sessions. Work at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.

Affordable Pricing

Get professional coaching that fits your budget. With our in-house tools and online platform, we've cut the cost of psychometrics and scheduling to nearly zero and passed the saving along to you. That allows us to offer plans starting at just $30/wk.

Fully Confidential

Concerned about your privacy? Interact anonymously with your coach. And don't worry, we use the same encryption tools as banks to keep your data completely safe.

Proprietary Methods

At WorkCoach, your coach utilizes assessments, techniques, and exercises developed by leading psychologists, world-class coaches, and executive training programs.

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Offering someone a path to a more fulfilling career is more valuable than any material gift. Send your friend or family member a WorkCoach gift card today.

Working With Your Dedicated Coach

Video Sessions: For complex or difficult conversations, coaches often recommend video or phone sessions. These typically last 30-45 minutes and are scheduled in advance. Our executive coaches treat these engagements no differently than they would a face-to-face session with a high-profile corporate client.

On-Demand Messaging: For quick recommendations, feedback, or to ask questions anytime between video sessions, clients and coaches message one another via our app. That means clients get actionable advice when they need it most and coaches get to check-in with clients to keep them on track between sessions.

People behind WorkCoach
  • After my experience, I now have my new direct reports sign up [for WorkCoach] and thus far, the returns have been impressive. [...] Few get this level of training until they've been part of an organization for 10-15 years. 

    Testimony image J.A. Rosenberg, Director, Citi

A Proven Investment In Your Career


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Cutting-Edge Tools

Whether it's risk simulations or decomposed negotiations or exposure therapy techniques, our coaches use a world-class set of interactive tools to ensure you achieve your goals.

Psychometric Assessments

Scientifically validated psychometrics are at the core of our coaching methodology. Each assessment is available to you at no additional cost and your results are fully confidential.

Progress Tracking

Accountability and frequent check-ins from your coach ensure you're making measurable gains. Overall improvements can be evaluated using benchmarks and 360 feedback reviews.

Dynamic Content

Practical heuristics, real-world case studies, data visualizations, templates, written material, question sets, and other engaging content will enhance your learning experience and drive sustainable behavior change.

  • [...] Perry is a former CTO looking to give back, not a 35-year old 'life coach.' Getting access to someone with his experience and expertise has been a game-changer for me. 

    Testimony image Trey Lewis, Siemens
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