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Better Coaching For The Modern Workplace

We started WorkCoach because we believe everyone should have a chance to maximize their effectiveness, not just the privileged few who can afford $650/hr coaching. From psychotherapy to military strategy, we combined many diverse backgrounds to create a truly transformative experience. Join us as we better the personal and professional lives of people everywhere.

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Our Values

We're a company built around principles

Clear Feedback

Honest communication is essential to the functioning of any strong team. We value constructive criticism because the more we pool our unique perspectives together, the faster we learn.

Exceed Expectations

The relentless pursuit of improvement is the basis of our approach to both products and people. By holding each other accountable, we help push one another closer to our individual and shared goals.

Be Courageous

For our organization to continue learning, we know we have to experiment and take risks. We work to foster a culture that accepts failure and encourages innovative thinking.

Step Back

We value reflection because we grow more quickly when we question our own assumptions and interpretations. We setup systems to force ourselves to take a step back from our busy schedules and consider the way we view the world.


Proudly made in Austin, Texas

WorkCoach, Inc.
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Who We Are

psychologists & programmers who transform tested practices into high-impact methods

Our scientists and coaches work side-by-side with our programmers to ensure each technique, assessment, exercise and insight stays true to the thinking it's adapted from. This guarantees everything we do with clients is evidence-backed and grounded in replicable science.

Our developers and designers bring the ideas to life, adding features to ensure our platform is accessible and intuitive to every client and partner. By doing so, we ensure our tools, content, assessments, and techniques are as engaging as they are effective.

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