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With this newly released psychometric tool, you get an in-depth, research-based look at your decision-making tendencies, blindspots, conflict styles, motivations, interpersonal propensities, and more — all without paying hundreds for a commercial-grade psychometric assessment. Move beyond Myers-Briggs and DISC, learn what science says about who you are today.

No academic theorizing or pop psychology [...] pages of actionable info"

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The insights into how I negotiate helped me leverage a raise a few days later"

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  • Developed By Leading Scientists
  • +125 Data Points and Predictors
  • Pages of personalized insights
  • Normed on +50,000 subjects
  • Takes Less Than 12 minutes
  • Completely Secure and Confidential
  • Actionable Insights From Thousands of Peer-Reviewed Studies
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Please indicate how accurately each statement below describes you. Try to answer in terms of your general tendencies ― as in how you're most likely to act at any given point in time.

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